Our Services

Since 1998, Defense, Intelligence, and corporate clients have trusted our experience and insight.
We infuse our solutions with your adversaries' perspective to make you more secure, more cost-effectively.

We have helped organizations deal with the worst of adversaries.

Cyber Security Assessments

We conduct adversarial-based assessments designed to find holes in your defenses, demonstrate their potential business impact, and show you how to close them.

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Virtual Cyber Security Office (vCSO)

Clients receive fixed number of consulting hours per month with seasoned executives and technical specialists to help assess, prioritize, plan, and/or execute their security program.

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IAM Directory Services

Engineers that architected, stood-up, and maintained a military identity/access infrastructure that has served millions and withstood nation-state attacks for over a decade, help Federal agencies design, plan, implement, and support their ICAM programs.

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Threat Emulation

Professional ethical hackers lead customers through “War Games” that cover likely enterprise cyber incident scenarios. This two to three day program begins with training, follows the next day with realistic field simulations, and wraps up with an assessment of the customer’s operations regarding the simulations.

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Secure Product Testing

Ethical hackers from Tangible Security determine what harm can be done to your business interests when cyber criminals, hacktivists, and/or nation-state actors target your new or existing product. We provide you a prioritized, detailed findings report with recommendations.

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PKI Services

Engineers with over a decade of military public key infrastructure (PKI) experience, help organizations plan, implement, and support high assurance authentication needs, including smart card logon enablement.

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Managed DeceptionGrid

Instead of sifting through mountains of data and numerous false positives to detect cyber intruders within your enterprise, our ethical hackers, who understand their methods and tactics, deploy and monitor a grid of virtual traps, effectively making the intruders unknowingly reveal themselves so we can help you contain and root them out.

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SDLC Services

We help clients overcome the challenges of implementing secure development lifecycle (SDLC) best practices as well as provide professional services that supplement your development teams with hard-to-find special skills and 3rd party independent reviews.

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Software that auto-provisions (and de-provisions) Active Directory user accounts for people with trusted smart cards so they can instantly get to work within your Windows network.

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PCI Services

A certified QSA and cyber security engineers help small and larger retailers navigate the complexities of PCI, find the most cost-effective means to achieve and maintain PCI compliance, and secure their earnings and reputation.

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From the team that wrote the first major book on Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems, our engineers help clients with selection, integration, tuning, and operation of a SIEM best suited to their needs.

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Information Assurance Services

Analysts, engineers, and managers with hard-to-get clearances, and even harder to find experience, help government organizations with acquisition program management, IA operations engineering, IA infrastructure systems engineering, information systems security engineering, and IA technical/policy analysis.

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