tangible cybersecurity solutions

Advanced Security Solution. Serious Expertise

You're under siege by an army of ingenious and fast evolving threats. Deploying a basic SIEM solution can make you feel better, but it might not make your data more secure. SIEM solutions are just a tool – they need expertise to perform. We'll tell your SIEM where to look for threats. And we'll teach your people to read the signs. It's smart. It's tactical. It's security-centric. Without it, SIEM solutions are like the boy who cried wolf. You need an advantage. Here it is.

Leverage the Best Technology

Today's next generation SIEM solutions collect and normalize both logs and packets, highlighting the threats to your network. Our SIEM practice leverages experts who have architected, installed, configured, tuned, and developed custom integrations on a wide variety of SIEM solutions, including RSA Security Analytics, IBM QRadar, Splunk, and HP ArcSight. We know the systems. And how to make them better.

Quickly Prioritize Alerts

Powerful correlation rules and analytics of next generation SIEM solutions sift out all the noise that first generation SIEM tools created. The result is visibility and attention to the most critical alerts first.

Configuration and Tuning

We don't simply turn on the out-of-the box policies of a SIEM solution. We think like a hacker. We leverage the knowledge of our penetration testing experts to write alerts and configure your SIEM environment to help interrupt today's most evasive threats.

Harness the power of the threat intelligence community

We partner with the most trusted and reliable providers in the security community to deliver, correlate, and illuminate the most pertinent information to your organization and fuse it with your network and log data in real time, reducing the time it takes to identify, assess, and respond to incidents.